• Eco Tourer..... the clever folding caravan
  • Spacious cafe seating with ample windows to take in the view
  • A shower/toilet model, all the comforts of home
  • A well appointed, streamlined interior
  • Built for comfort
  • A well appointed, streamlined interior


15 Reasons why you should choose an Eco Tourer

1. Stores in a garage or carport 9. Panoramic windows
2. No canvas walls 10. Fully insulated
3. Set up in less than one minute 11. Wide track axle for stability
4. Aerodynamic towing 12. Moulded one piece roof
5. Fuel efficient 13. Shower/toilet layout with room to move
6. Effortless towing means less fatigue 14. High quality parts & workmanship
7. Excellent weight distribution and lower centre of gravity 15. Designed & engineered in Australia for Australian conditions
8. Narrower than most other caravans