Every EcoTourer has a range of built-in advantages

Setting the standard since 2003

The EcoTourer range undergoes constant development and improvement to ensure our world class design remains the best off-road and touring caravan available. We’ve set the standard since 2003.

Designed for fuel efficiency

The design of the EcoTourer range is no accident. Designed not just for longevity and ease of operation, the EcoTourer is also designed for economical touring with its aerodynamically efficient design and smart material choices which make big contributions to fuel savings.

Lighter and stronger chassis

Because EcoTourer is constantly under development and improvement, it’s now constructed with a lighter and stronger chassis for even better durability and improved fuel consumption. All structural beams are made from Australian 450MPa steel.

High quality, internationally and locally sourced components

You know the EcoTourer is famous for quality and robust construction. That’s because they’re built with only the best local and international components and materials available.

Unbeatable resale

EcoTourer’s reputation for quality, ease of operation and ruggedness is matched by its excellent resale value.

Low-stress driving experience

There are times when towing is a real drag. EcoTourer is designed to minimise the pressure of having a caravan. Even at speed and in the wind and rain, the low centre of gravity makes getting to your next destination a pleasure.

Built for safety and comfort

EcoTourer features fully insulated walls, double fibreglass skins and polyurethane insulation for the most comfortable rest when you’re at your destination.

Tested for long range and high speed

It’s a big country and EcoTourer is designed for reliable on and off-road travel, and safe travel on-highway with superior design and unmatched aerodynamics.

Fits in standard garages

No need to park in expensive rental spaces, EcoTourer is easy to move, single axle, standard folding drawbar. Only 2.3m wide with awning so it won’t take over your garage.

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